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Together we can make a difference

What if you could have the home loan that suits your needs and, at the same time, help a worthwhile cause? That’s what happens with Pledge Home Loans.

Of course, our first priority is you. Whether you’re a first home buyer, a seasoned investor or somewhere in between, we’ll find you the right loan at the right interest rate. Our mortgage consultants have many years’ experience in banking and home loans, and can compare what’s on offer from more than 30 lenders.

Our service costs you nothing – our commission comes from the lenders. The difference with Pledge is that we donate part of that commission to charities and community organisations, like the Children’s Hospital, sporting clubs, or any recognised charity of your choice. So when you deal with us, you’re pledging your support for others in your community.

Who is behind Pledge Home Loans?

John Mavroudis is the principal of Pledge Home Loans. John has spent more than 15 years in banking and finance, working for Suncorp, ANZ and Bendigo Bank. This experience gave him an in-depth knowledge of the Australian property market. What’s more, he knows how banks think, which is a plus when you’re approaching them for a loan. John founded Pledge Home Loans so he could offer a more personal and tailored service to his clients.

“Being brokers allows us to understand and compare the credit risk policy and appetite of over 30 lenders and tailor a solution specific to the client requirements,” John says. “This is an immense benefit as opposed to working for one bank and being tied down to their credit policies.”

In founding Pledge Home Loans, John also saw the opportunity to make the organisation a force for good. That’s why a percentage of all commissions is donated to good causes.

Your perfect match

We’re here to help you achieve your financial goals and that’s where our experience comes in. Different banks and other lending institutions have different requirements when you apply for a loan – and those requirements can change with the times. Our aim is to find the right bank with the right loan for you.

It’s not just about interest rates, but about the loan that suits your financial situation. If you need to do some work on your finances before you can qualify for a loan we’ll say so, and we’ll coach you on what you need to change. As accredited mortgage brokers, we have access to other lending institutions beyond the big banks, so we’re well placed to help you
make the right choices.

What’s the first step? Get in touch via email or phone and we’ll visit you at your home or office for a no-obligation discussion.

Which loan is for you?

Meet the team

All our staff are experienced bankers that will take the time to answer all your queries and guide you through every step of the way. We will source the most suitable loan for your requirements through our large panel of lenders.




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